December 2001 Board of Directors Meeting

Lion Line

The Nevada Lions Club held its regular Board Meeting in the Jerry and Susan Radke home on 3 December 2001. The meeting was called to order at 7:03 p.m. by President Angelo Stefani who acted as chairman, with the following members in attendance:

Jean Bodensteiner Lynn Harris Loren Heckathorne
Dean Howell LaNair Niblock Jerry Radke
Susan Radke Duane Stansbury John Wheelock

Secretary Jerry Radke read the minutes of the 5 November 2001 board meeting. Lion Dean moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Lion Loren, and the minutes were approved. Treasurer Dean reported that the balance in our checking account is $6532.38. The secretary had no bills. Lion Jean had a bill for Sight Night expenses in the amount of $63.24. Lion Lynn moved to approve the bill, seconded by Lion Loren, and passed.

Lion Jerry reported that we have received payment from Per Mar Security for five of the six football games we worked. We should clear over $1150 after we are paid for the sixth game.

President Angelo handed out a report from the Finance Committee's meeting on 19 November 2001. The committee recommends that we invest the total amount of $25,000 ($14,000 from the Maliet Scholarship and $11,000 from the McDaniel Scholarship funds) in Freddie Mac Bonds with Edward Jones at a 6% interest rate, 15 year stated maturity, and 3 years guaranteed no call- back. The recommendation also would authorize Secretary Jerry Radke or Treasurer Dean Howell to open the account with Edward Jones and act of behalf of the club in managing the account. Latest word from Mark Cahill indicated that we might be able to get a 6.1% with 20 years maturity and 4 years no call-back. Lion Jean moved to accept the committee's recommendation and to accept the higher interest rate if available, seconded by Lion Jerry, and approved.

Lion Jerry reported that our Lions pay for their spouse's meals at our special events even if their spouse is unable to attend. Unmarried Lions do not pay for a guest unless they bring one. Lion Jerry moved that we do not charge for Lions' spouses if they cannot attend unless they make reservations for an event and then don't attend. The motion was seconded by Lion Duane and passed. Lion Dean reported that two concrete park benches have been ordered for Gates Hall in memory of Everett Carman. We still need more information on plaques for the benches.

Lions Loren, Jean, and Susan gave a report on the Coming to Your Senses training at Story City on 17 November 2001. They said the room was full and the training was very good. Now we need to set up for a session at a Nevada day care, possibly in February or March. Zone Chair Al Cox will visit our club on 12 December 2001.

There was a discussion on supplementing our Administrative Funds with money earned by Lions working for ISU. Lion Jerry has talked with the Iowa Lions State Office and several clubs raise funds through raffles and other means that are not project fund raisers. Lion Jean moved to supplement the Administrative Fund (dues, meals, and club) with earnings from non-project events. Seconded by Lion Susan and approved.

For new business, several items of correspondence were circulated. These included a "Thank You" and $25 donation from Doris Andresen for Spouse and Special Guest Night, a "Thank You" from District Governor Tim Wilson for his official visit, a "Thank You" from Boy Scout Troop 130 for the donation of our trailer, a "Thank You" from Akron Westfield Bank for our support to the Lions International Convention, and a letter from Brian D. Heithoff of Consumers Energy offering to give our club a program on energy. There also was a letter from Lion Jean Ballinger encouraging our club members to attend the Mid-Winter Conference in Des Moines 11 - 13 January 2002.

Lion Bob Hobson has indicated to Secretary Jerry that he will no longer be able to attend meetings and requests that he be moved from Active status to Privileged status where he will continue to pay dues but not attend meetings or be on the work roster. Lion Duane moved to commend Lion Bob for his many contributions and to grant his request, seconded by Lion Jean, and passed.

Several donations were approved. Lion LaNair moved to give $50 to LCIF, seconded by Lion Loren, and approved. Lion Dean moved to donate four $50 Christmas Baskets through Smitty's Super Value, seconded by Lion Lynn, and passed. Lion Lynn moved that we present a check of $25 to our pianist, Marilyn Argotsinger, at our next meeting, seconded by Lion Duane, and passed. We will consider donations to ILF, Diabetes, Leader Dog, and Coming to Your Senses at our next meeting.

The was discussion on auditing the secretary's and treasurer's financial books. Lion Jean moved that the president should appoint two members, other than the secretary and treasurer, to audit the preceding year's books by August 15th of each year, seconded by Lion Loren, and passed. Last year's books will be audited by Lions Niblock and Harris as soon as possible.

Lion President Angelo passed around registration forms for the Mid-Winter Conference. Lion Dean moved that we pay for the registration and meals of all Nevada Lions attending, seconded by Lion Susan, and passed. Our next meeting will be 12 December 2001 and John Wheelock has the program. Our next board meeting will be 7 January 2002 at Lion Niblock's home. Lion Duane moved to give $100 to the Nevadian Brass for providing entertainment at our Spouse and Special Guest Night. Nevada Vision Center has a box of glasses to be picked up by our Sight Committee. Lion Duane moved to adjourn, seconded by Lion Loren, and we adjourned at 8:45 pm.


Secretary Jerry K. Radke

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