Volume 2, Issue 1 Secretary's Newsletter Fall 1999

Going Into 2000 -- Membership

As we head into the year 2000, we look back at our successful 51+ years as a Lions club and look forward to our continued vitality going into the next century. The Nevada Lions Club was chartered on May 6, 1948 with 57 members. We are presently down to just 38 members with an average age of 65. We have one member under 30, one between 30-39, 5 between 40- 49, 5 between 50 and 59, 8 between 60 and 69, 13 between 70 and 79, 4 between 80 and 89, and one over 90. We need new, younger members to carry on our work.

Our next Guest Night is scheduled for January 12, 2000. That is just over a month away. We should all be thinking about a person who would make a good Lion and invite him or her to our Guest Night. You should provide the guest with information about our club and Lionism in general. Some information is provided in your club directory. However, semi-annual dues are now $25 and meals are $6.50 each meeting whether eaten or not. The one-time initiation fee is $25. Once you have invited a guest, it is imperative that you follow up and ask the guest to join. Application forms and additional information can be obtained from Lion Secretary Jerry Radke. Lion Jerry will send a letter to each guest after they have attended a meeting, but it is up to you to ask them to become a Lion.

It was noted at our last Board of Directors meeting that we need new, younger members so we can continue with our work projects and fund raising projects. More hands make the work easier and allow us to tackle larger projects. Remember the joy and satisfaction we get from working together on a project for the betterment of our community.

Lion Jim Fenn and the Membership Committee will be meeting to develop strategies for attracting new members. But, we should not wait for that. Ask a potential member now. Remember, we are looking for men and women with a high moral background and an interest in serving our community. Now is the time. Help us to increase our membership.

Per Mar Good Fund Raiser

Nevada Lions Club members made good money from Per Mar Securities for taking tickets and ushering at Iowa State Football games this fall. A total of $1363.50 was earned. This represents 227.25 hours worked at $6 per hour. Total time spent on the project was approximately 240 hours, the extra time being spent organizing and scheduling.

Nineteen Lions worked at least one game. Jim Perkins, Susan Radke, and Dick Smith worked three or more games. Special recognition goes to Dick Smith for working five of the six football games. Chairman Jim Perkins did a great job of scheduling and organizing the crews for the games. His wife, Sylvia even worked the last game for us. Our appreciation to Sylvia.

The money earned per time spent was more than for most, if not all, of our other fund raisers. And there are no expenses. Most of the Lions who worked the games actually enjoyed themselves. It would seem that this is a great fund raiser. However, the downside was the difficulty that Chairman Jim Perkins had getting Lions to work the last two games. We had guaranteed Per Mar that at least six Lions would work each game. We only had five Lions work at the fifth game and Jim's wife had to work the last game so we would have six workers. This should not happen. We need more able-bodied Lions on our work roster.

Nevada Lions Make Donations

The Nevada Lions Club Board of Directors agreed on several donations to end the calendar year. We donated $200 to the Iowa Lions Foundation using the meal money from the meeting we forgo just before Christmas. Another $50 was given to the Lion Clubs International Foundation (LCIF). We also donated $200 for four $50 Christmas food baskets for needy local residents. Nevada School nurses Rosemary Souleyrette and Lesa Davis will choose the four families to get the $50 of food from Smitty's Super Value. The Lions Youth Exchange was given $50 for inbound youth (from other countries) and $10 for outbound youth (Iowa youth going to other countries).

The George Calvert family was given $25 as a memorial. Lion George had just reached 25 years as a member of the Nevada Lions club before passing away November 16th. We will miss Lion George.

Marilyn Argotsinger will be given a token gift of $25 for playing piano for our Lions singing (if we can call it that).


We remember Lion George Calvert, a dedicated Lion for 25 years.

Lion of the Year

Lion Everett Carman for his dedicated service through thick and through thin.

Thank Yous!

Lion Angelo Stefani for organizing the Chicken Bar B Que.

Lion Jim Perkins for organizing the Football Game fund raising and the Peace Poster contest.

Lion Dick Smith for his dedication to the Football Game fund raiser.

Lion Bob Hobson for his 14 years service as club secretary.

Merry Christmas
and a
Happy New Year!

President: Loren Heckathorne
1st Vice-President: Joel Halverson
2nd Vice-President: Angelo Stefani
3rd Vice-President: Jim Perkins
Secretary: Jerry Radke
Treasurer: Dean Howell
Membership Chair: Jim Fenn
Tailtwisters: Steve Jordening, Duane Stansbury, Charles Lloyd, and Dick Smith
Lion Tamer: Lynn Harris
Directors: Odin Christian, Everett Carman, Bob Hobson, and John Wheelock
Past President: Susan Radke
District Governor: Herman Kopitzke
Vice Dist. Gov.: Jan Whaley
Zone Chair: Susan Radke

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