February 2004 Board of Directors Meeting

Lion Line

The Nevada Lions Club held its regular Board Meeting at the LaNair Niblock Home on 16 February 2004. The meeting was called to order at 7 pm by President Paul Malsom who acted as chairman. The following members were in attendance:

Jean Bodensteiner Dwight Bonham Steve Jordening
LaNair Niblock Jerry Radke John Wheelock

Secretary Jerry Radke read the minutes of the 5 January 2004 board meeting. Lion Jean moved to accept the minutes, seconded by Lion Dwight, and passed. Secretary Jerry Radke reported a checking account balance of $13,462.28 and presented the following bills: 1) Lions Clubs International, dues for 33 members = $466.13, 2) Jean Bodensteiner; Midwinter Convention Expenses ($25), District Convention Expenses ($15), District raffle ($20.31) = $60.31, 3) Paul Malsom, District Convention Expense = $20, and 4) Susan Radke, District Convention Expense = $20. Lion Steve moved to approve the bills, seconded by Lion Dwight, and passed.

Lion Jean gave a report on the District 9x7 Convention held in Fort Dodge on 13 and 14 February 2004. International Director Robert Lastinger was the featured speaker. Lion Jean was elected Vice District Governor after being nominated by Lion Paul with a second by Lion Susan.

Lion Charles Lloyd is working on a Leo Club at the Nevada High School. No report was available. The Sight Committee is handling the request for glasses from our last board meeting.

There was a discussion on the need for a new secretary and treasurer. Some possible names were suggested. No one volunteered.

Lion President Paul is waiting for a list of possible projects from the Nevada Parks and Recreation Department that we could do with the $10,000 estate gift from Margaret Maliet.

Several items of new business were introduced. There were donation requests from Youth and Shelter Services ($200 for their annual banquet), Iowa Lions Foundation ($50 for a charter brick), Camp Courageous for the Blind, and Lions Youth Exchange Camp. Thank you notes were received from Leader Dog and the Iowa Lions Foundation. Lion Steve moved to table the requests for money until our next board meeting, seconded by Lion Dwight, and passed

Lion Bill Horine called Secretary Jerry asking to be placed on Privileged Status due to his bad back. Lion Steve moved to honor his request and to thank Lion Bill for his many years of active service. The motion was seconded by Lion Jean and passed. The Secretary will write a letter to Lion Bill to inform him of the board's action.

Pancake Day will be 21 March 2004 at Gates Hall. Lion Jean suggested that we use the proceeds to send someone to Camp Hertko Hollow. Lions Jean and LaNair will work on posters for Pancake Day.

The next board meeting will be 1 March 2004 at a location to be determined. Lion Steve moved to adjourn, seconded by Lion Jean and we adjourned at 8:10 pm.


Secretary Jerry K. Radke

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