January 2020 Board of Directors Meeting

Lion Line

Indian Creek Country Club, Wednesday Evening, Jan. 8 2020 -- Loren Heckathorne

During the regular meeting, Paul reported that for our Breakfast with Santa Pancake event, we made about the same money as last year, but we had more people attend.

The Nevada Lions Club held its regular Board of Directors meeting, Jan 8, 2020, in the Indian Creek Country Club dining room. President Paul Malsom called the meeting to order at 7:57 pm and acted as Chairperson, with the following members present:

Loren Heckathorne Bob Hunter Carlene Hunter
Steve Jordening Paul Malsom Willy Morfitt
Jerry Radke Sandy Richardson

Secretary Heckathorne read the Minutes from the November Board meeting. It was noted that Bob Hunter donated 4 Christmas gift baskets in addition to our 20 gift baskets and that this note should be added to the November Minutes. Bob Hunter motioned to approve the Minutes, 2nd by Sandy Richardson. Motion Passed.

John Beals was absent, so Paul presented the Treasurer's report. Paul also presented John's pancake report; we made about $1900. Jerry Radke made a motion to accept the Treasurer's report, 2nd by Carlene Hunter. Motion passed.

For Bills of Account, there was $32.61 to Bob for sacks, $45 to Steve for poinsettias, $83.90 to Willy for eyeglasses boxes and $15.26 to John for a rubber stamp. Steve made a motion to pay the bills, 2nd by Loren. Motion passed.

Old Business.
We did our Lions contributions tonight for $700. Also we did the $18 ini subscriptions. These were preapproved, so there was no motion or vote. The Lions contributions are divided as follows: $350 for Iowa Lions Foundation, $100 for Leader Dog, $100 for Diabetes Awareness, $100 for the puppy program and $50 for LCIF.

Willy reported that he gave out 2 eyeglasses requests.

The final tally was read tonight for Kidsight screenings, which gives totals by site. The total was 102 children screened, 92 passed, 7 referred, 3 monitored.

New Business.
There was an inquiry about the need to split Lions accounting into project and administration funds. John and Steve can't find that rule in any bylaws or constitution.

Paul read Dick Settles resignation letter. Steve moved to accepted Dick's resignation, with regret, 2nd by Bob. Motion passed.

Paul expressed many thanks to Charlene for leading the Board meeting in November and also for heading up the Pancake event.

Being finished with our business, we adjourned at 8:24.

Loren Heckathorne, Secretary

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