July 2001 Board of Directors Meeting

Lion Line

The Nevada Lions Club held its regular Board Meeting in the Dean Howell home on 2 July 2001. The meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m. by President Angelo Stefani who acted as chairman, with the following members in attendance:

Jack Argotsinger Jean Bodensteiner Odin Christian
Lynn Harris Loren Heckathorne Dean Howell
Steve Jordening Charles Lloyd Paul Malsom
Jim Perkins Jerry Radke Duane Stansbury
John Wheelock

The minutes of the 4 June 2001 board meeting were read and approved. The treasurer's balance was $5,666.75. The secretary presented the following bills: (1) Lions Clubs International for awards and supplies = $27.70, (2) Lions Clubs of Iowa for President's plaque = $50.02, (3) Charles Lloyd for buns used at the Tractor Ride food stand = $84.54, (4) Jim Perkins for food stand chips and supplies = $42.31, and (5) Burke Corporation for food stand BBQ beef = $355.20. Lion Jack moved to pay the bills, seconded by Lion Steve and passed.

Lion John reported that Bill Horine will pull the Lions float in the 4th of July parade. Members of the youth baseball team we sponsor will ride on the float. Lion Steve moved to buy $60 worth of candy to throw during the parade. The motion was seconded by Lion Charles and passed.

Family night will be at the Oriole Ridge Shelter in Hickory Grove Park at 6:30 pm on 11 July 2001. The shelter has been reserved. The vice presidents are in charge. The secretary was instructed to invited the Lions Scholarship winners and their families to Family Night where they will receive the first halves of their scholarships. Margaret Crane will be asked to provide a dessert with the rest of the meal.

Several reports were given. Lion Secretary Jerry deposited $1039.69 from the tractor ride food stand. He guessed that we might clear $400 from the event. Lion Jean reported that six Lions worked 25 hours at ISU dining for $168. Lion Secretary Jerry needs to complete and return a tax form before we receive the money. Lion Angelo reported that several Lions presented the 2000-2001 "Lion of the Year" award and the "Warren Coleman" award to deceased Lion Everett Carman's widow at her home after our 27 June 2001 meeting. Lion President sent a letter to the Gates Hall board requesting a reduction in room rates for service clubs. The Gates Hall board will meet 11 July 2001 and a member of our club should attend. Lion Dean has a site reserved for the RAGBRAI refreshment stand on 26 July 2001. It was suggested that we serve sports drink as well as soda pop. Lion Steve moved that the committee buy watermelons as needed. The motion was seconded by Lion Charles and passed. Lion Steve suggested that signs for our refreshment stand be posted at several places along the road before the bikers reach our stand. Lion Jim Perkins reported that his birthday party will be on 4 August 2001 at Brad Fullmer's place south of Nevada.

Several items of new business were presented. Letters of resignation were received from Larry Myers and Brett Anderson. Lion Charles moved to accept Larry Myers resignation with regret and that the secretary write a letter thanking him for his contributions. The motion was seconded by Lion Loren and passed. A similar motion was made for the resignation of Brett Anderson by Lion Duane. Lion Jack seconded the motion which passed.

It was noted that Lion Jan Whaley will move up to Second Vice President due to Brett Anderson's resignation. Lion Charles nominated Lion Paul Malsom to serve as Third Vice President. Seconded by Lion Steve and passed. Lion Steve moved to reduce the number of directors on the board to three. Seconded by Lion Jean and passed.

Lion President Angelo reported that increased membership and club publicity are two of his main goals for the year. Membership includes at least ten new members and a Leo Club at the high school. Lion President Angelo reported that the club directory should be available by 1 August 2001. He is working on program assignments now. Lion Bob Hobson sent word that Rua Svensen has a $300 memorial for our club in honor of deceased Lion Dale Svensen. Lion Dean will visit with her regarding the memorial.

A letter from Chad Dubay requested funds for a three week program in Guatemala. It was decided that this request did not meet our mission. A letter from the Nevada Resource Center requested that we consider holding our meetings in their building. Lion Jim will check it out. A letter from Mark Cahill stated that we will be receiving information from the Nevada Schools reading committee regarding their program.

The 6 August board meeting will be at Lion President Angelo's home. Lion Duane moved to adjourn, seconded by Lion Charles, and we adjourned at 8:35 pm.


Secretary Jerry K. Radke

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