Volume 3, Issue 1 President's Newsletter July - August 2001

New Club Officers

The following members were elected as NLC officers for the 2001-2002 year: Angelo Stefani, president; Jim Perkins, 1st vice-president; Jan Whaley, 2nd vice-president; TBE, 3rd vice-president; Jerry Radke, secretary; Dean Howell, Treasurer; Jack Argotsinger, membership chair; Paul Malsom, Duane Stansbury, Susan Radke and Loren Heckathorne, directors; Jean Bodensteiner, Odin Christian, John Wheelock and Steve Jordening, tail twisters; Lynn Harris, lion tamer.

President's Message

A hearty welcome to my fellow Nevada Lions to another year that offers many challenges and opportunities to advance the principles of Lionism and increase the vitality of our club. I look forward to serving as your president during the next year.

The most important goal during my presidency is to increase the club's membership. The next highest goal is to improve publicity about the club and it's activities and community service efforts.

When I joined the Nevada Lions in 1999, the club had 41 members. Now, we have 35 (29 of which are active). That translates into a membership loss of about 15% in two years, NOT PROMISING for a club that has so much to offer its members and the community. If we don't attract new, younger members, the survival of our club is in jeopardy.

One of District Governor Tim Wilson's 's goals is to achieve a 3% net gain in membership in the 9x7 district. A 3% net increase in our club's membership means recruiting and retaining only one new member and losing none. I believe we can surpass the district's 3% goal. I RECOMMEND OUR OBJECTIVE BE TO RECRUIT AT LEAST FIVE NEW MEMBERS THIS YEAR. I urge each member, and in particular, our club's membership committee grasp the urgency of increasing membership and work diligently to achieve this objective. REMEMBER, "MANY HANDS MAKE FOR LIGHT WORK."

Recent Club Activities

July 2001

**The Nevada Lions Club presented its highest award, "Lion of the Year", to Lioness Jan Whaley for her commitment and dedication to Lionism and by serving as District Governor during 2000-2001. Only one other Club member, Everett Carman, has been honored with the "Lion of the Year" award. Congratulations Jan.

**Lion Jean Bodensteiner received the "Volunteer of the Year" award for her sustained efforts and achievements in volunteering for club activities and events. Congratulations Jean.

**Jack Argotsinger and Jan Whaley received the "Two-Member Key" awards for recruiting two new members each during the 2000-2001 year. Congratulations Jack and Jan. Hopefully your efforts and successes will inspire other members to work hard at recruiting new members.

**The vice-presidents "Family Night" held at Hickory Grove Park was a great success. Mrs. Crane, the caterer served a delicious meal, and Deb Malsom (Lion Paul Malsom's spouse) and Dean Stevens, the "Double Ds", provided a very professional and enjoyable evening of musical entertainment. Thanks to the VPs for organizing the event and to Lion Paul for arranging the entertainment.

**Jennifer Perkins, Lion Jim Perkin's daughter, was presented with the first half of the $750 Dr.Leonard Maliet Scholarship. Aaron Port will be presented the first half of the $750 Ray McDaniel Scholarship at the Club's August 22nd meeting.

**Lions Youth Exchange students from Denmark, Turkey and Germany and their host families, Jan and Dennis Whaley and Jean and Mike Coverdale attended "Family Night" and were recognized.


August 2001

**Rua Swansen, widow of Deceased member Dale Swansen, recently donated $300 to the club for a tree to be planted in memory Dale. The Club's board of directors is gathering information to determine a suitable location for the tree planting. Board members favored the idea of having the club provide a memorial plaque to be placed next to the tree.

**Profits from the club's tractor ride and RAGBRAI fundraisers did not meet expectations considering the amount of time and effort expended. However, many of the members who worked the events agreed these events offered opportunities for club members to work together and provided visibility and publicity for the club.

**The financial committee will meet during August to consider dues, meal costs and the scholarship certificates of deposit, which will mature this December.

**The club is signed up for six-member teams to work the six ISU football games that take place on September 8, 15, and 29, October 20 and November 3 and 10. See Lion Jim Perkins if you are interested in working at these games. They are great moneymakers for the club.

**Club members will work in the ISU residence hall parking lots during dorm move-in August 22 thru 24. Lion Jean Bodensteiner is organizing this effort.

**Planning is underway by Jan Whaley and her committee for the club's annual Lincoln Highway Days dinner, scheduled to be held at the Nevada Community building on August 24 and 25.

**Three Nevada residents requested financial assistance, two for eyeglasses and one for a youth leadership conference in Washington D.C. The board directed the health, sight and hearing committee to study and make a recommendation on the funding requests for eye glasses and approved a $50 award to Libby Zaletel, a Nevada High School senior, for attendance at the youth conference.

(August - December 2001)
ISU parking fund-raiser August 22-24
Lincoln Highway Days August 24 and 25 (Nevada Community Bldg.)
NLC Board meeting September 10
NLC Regular meeting
(Return to Gates Hall)
September 12
NLC Guest night (prospective Members) September 26
NLC Board meeting October 1
NLC Regular meetings October 10 and 24
NLC Board meeting November 5
District Governor visit & guest night (prospective members) November 14
Spouses and special guests night (Tail Twisters) November 28
NLC Board meeting December 3
NLC Regular meeting December 12
No meeting December 26

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