March 2004 Board of Directors Meeting

Lion Line

The Nevada Lions Club held its regular Board Meeting at the Nevada Public Library Community Room on 1 March 2004 with Lion Paul Malsom as host. The meeting was called to order at 7 pm by President Paul Malsom who acted as chairman. The following members were in attendance:

Jean Bodensteiner Loren Heckathorne LaNair Niblock
Jim Perkins Jerry Radke Dick Smith
Duane Stansbury John Wheelock

Secretary Jerry Radke read the minutes of the 16 February 2004 board meeting. Lion Jean moved to accept the minutes, seconded by Lion LaNair, and passed. Secretary Jerry Radke reported a checking account balance of $12,727.42 and presented the following bill: District 9x7, state and district dues for 33 members = $259.88. Lion Jean moved to approve the bills, seconded by Lion Jim, and passed.

There was no report on the LEO Club progress since Lion Charles Lloyd was not in attendance. Lion Jean reported that plans for Pancake Day on 21 March 2004 are underway. Lions John and Jim will get the grills and LP tanks from Settle's. Lion Jim will get enough sausage from Burke's for 400 people. Lions Dwight and Paul will contact the churches. Lion Jean will get the groceries. Lion Paul will have the tickets ready for our regular meeting on 10 March. Lion LaNair will distribute the posters. We will sell the large coloring books at the event. Proceeds will be used for helping two or three diabetic children attend Camp Hertko Hollow and/or for other community projects.

There was discussion on finding a new secretary and new treasurer. Lion Jerry suggested restructuring the duties. He volunteered to do the job of treasurer. Lion Paul is willing to be Publicity Chair. Lions Loren, Jim, and Angelo Stefani will serve as the Nominating Committee for new officers.

Lion Jean reported that the individual requesting glasses was approved to get them through Nevada Vision Clinic. No bill has been received as yet.

The cost to sponsor a baseball or softball team through Nevada Parks and Recreation this year is $175. Lion Jim moved to sponsor a team, seconded by Lion Jean, and passed. Lion President Paul noted that Gates Hall rent will be going up by 25% in the future. Lion Jim moved to donate $50 to the Lions Youth Exchange Camp, seconded by Lion Dick, and passed. A decision to donate to Youth and Shelter Services for a dinner was tabled until more details are obtained. A donation to Camp Courageous for the Blind was tabled while Lion Jean checks to see if there is local interest. Lion LaNair moved to donate $50 to the Iowa Lions Foundation for a brick with our club's name and charter date, seconded by Lion Jean, and passed.

The next board meeting will be hosted by Lion Jim at the Nevada Public Library Community Room on 5 April 2004. Lion Loren moved to adjourn, seconded by Lion Jean, and we adjourned at 8:13 pm.


Secretary Jerry K. Radke

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