May 2001 Board of Directors Meeting

Lion Line

The Nevada Lions Club held its regular Board Meeting in the Charles Lloyd home on 7 May 2001. The meeting was called to order at 7:06 p.m. by President Joel Halverson who acted as chairman, with the following members in attendance:

Jean Bodensteiner Odin Christian Loren Heckathorne
Dean Howell Charles Lloyd LaNair Niblock
Jim Perkins Jerry Radke Dick Smith
Duane Stansbury Angelo Stefani Jan Whaley

The minutes of the 2 April 2001 board meeting were read and approved. The treasurer's balance was $6,119.82. The secretary had no bills to present.

Lion Jean reported on the ISU Parking Lot duty. We should get paid for 31.5 hours and the check will be sent to the club secretary. It was a cold and wet duty. We were not needed at the Towers, so we only got about one-half of the expected hours. Lion Jean was asked if we can work for the ISU Food Service again this summer. She is going to check into it.

Lion Charles reported that the scholarship committee met. They picked first and second choices for each of the Maliet and McDaniel Lions scholarships. Final choices will be made by the school. The amount of each scholarship is $750. Lion Charles remarked about the lack of Nevada Lions Club articles in the Nevada newspaper.

Lion Duane reported that we could use the top floor of the Community Building at the fairgrounds to serve food on Lincoln Highway Days. We would have to serve Friday evening and Saturday. Ralph Ball is the head of the Food Committee. We could also serve food from about noon to 3 pm in the High School parking lot at the end of the 27 June Tractor Ride. We need to check further on each of these opportunities. Lion Jean moved to do both if possible, seconded by Lion Charles, and passed. Another possible fund raiser is in conjunction with the annual RAGBRAI which will be going down Highway 210 on 25 July. Lion Dean will check with a land owner on the corner of highways 210 and S14 to see if we could set up for business there. We also need to check with the Maxwell Lions to see if they are planning anything.

For new business, Lion Angelo reported that he has told Sandy Jacobson that we will not need chickens for a chicken BBQ on Lincoln Highway Days. He also has reserved Gates Hall for our meetings on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays starting in September. The cost will be $20 per hour ($40 per meeting) unless we can get the board to give us a special price.

Awards were discussed. It was decided to award a "Lion of the Year" plaque and a "Volunteer of the Year" letter opener again this year. Lion Jerry will order them. Lion Joel announced the State Convention which will be held in Des Moines 1-3 June. Lions Jan, Jean, Jerry, and Bob Hobson plan to attend.

Three contributions were made. Lion Dick moved to donate $100 to the Michigan Leader Dog program, seconded by Lion Charles, and passed. Lion Charles moved to donate $100 to the Akron-Westfield High School Band for representing the Iowa Lions at the International Lions Club Convention in Indianapolis, seconded by Lion Dick, and passed. Lion Jerry moved to donate $200 to Diabetes Awareness, seconded by Lion Jean, and passed.

It was decided to contact Margaret Crane to cater our meals starting 23 May 2001. Lion Jan will contact her regarding price, minimum number of meals, and other particulars. It was suggested that we have a written agreement with her.

Lion Jan reported that volunteers are needed for the Special Olympics being held at ISU on 24 and 25 May. We would be handing out goody bags to the participants. She passed around a sign-up sheet for work hours and shirt size. Each volunteer will receive a T-shirt.

It was decided that we should have a float in the 4th of July parade. Our next meeting will be 4 June 2001 at Lion Duane Stansbury's home. Lion Duane moved to adjourn, seconded by Lion Charles, and we adjourned at 8:36 pm.


Secretary Jerry K. Radke

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