October 2003 Board of Directors Meeting

Lion Line

The Nevada Lions Club held its regular Board Meeting in the John Wheelock home on 6 October 2003. The meeting was called to order at 7:03 pm by President Paul Malsom who acted as chairman. The following members were in attendance:

Jean Bodensteiner Loren Heckathorne Dean Howell
Charles Lloyd LaNair Niblock Jim Perkins
Jerry Radke Susan Radke Dick Smith
Duane Stansbury John Wheelock

Secretary Jerry Radke read the minutes of the 8 September 2003 board meeting. Lion Susan moved to accept the minutes, seconded by Lion Jean, and passed. Treasurer Dean Howell reported a checking account balance of $13,873.59. Secretrary Jerry Radke presented the following bills: 1) Jean Bodensteiner for Family Night Picnic expenses = $16.37, 2) Jean Bodensteiner for registration to USA/Canada Leadership Forum = $175, 3) Jean Bodensteiner for registration to Lions Leadership Conference in Blair, NE = $100, and 4) Gates Memorial Hall for rent ($304 for Chicken Dinner, $90 for meetings) = $394. Lion Dick moved to pay the bills, seconded by Lion John and passed.

Lion Jerry reported that there is still an outstanding bill from Mid West Pack for cooking the chickens for the Chicken Dinner. We are still on track to clear approximately $1000 for this fund raiser.

Lion John reported that we need Lions for work the 18 October ISU football game. We have enough workers for the two November games.

Lion Jean reported on the Membership Committee's plan to recruit and retain new members. Incentives are that members can bring a potential member to two dinner meetings before being charged for their meal, members sponsoring a new Lion will get four free meals, the member bringing in the most new members (over three) will not have to pay club dues for the next year, and a new member could get a refund of the initial membership dues if the new member feels the club is not right for him or her. Lion Jim moved to adopt the membership plan, seconded by Lion Dick, and passed.

Lion Susan passed around copies of the Club Newsletter that will be published quarterly. Copies are to be sent to widows, recent guests, former members, the Chamber of Commerce, etc.

It was reported that the Nevada High School Athletic Department is now ready to purchase a scoreboard for track. We have been holding $472.64 that we had previous raised for that purpose. Lion LaNair moved to give $500 towards the new scoreboard, seconded by Lion Charles, and passed.

We are still investigating Lions signs for the entrances to Nevada. Lion Paul had the telephone number removed from our Lions sign uptown. Lion President Paul will continue to work on getting permission to put up signs.

Lion Susan reported on starting a Leo Club in Nevada. Lion Charles' wife, Chris, is a teacher in the Nevada Schools and is keen to help with the effort. Our club would need an advisor and three members to serve on the board. Lion Tom Wilson on the District 9x7 cabinet is the person to contact. We need to have him speak to our club.

Lion President Paul reminded the board to think of ways to use the $10,000 from Margaret Maliet's estate. The entire board will serve as the committee to come up with a suitable community project.

Lion Jean reported that Sight Night will be held in conjunction with Memorial Lutheran Church's Trunk and Treat Night on 29 October this year. We will have Sight Night inside the church and sell Polaroid pictures taken with our Gentle Lion. Large coloring books were discussed as possible sale items. After considerable discussion, Lion Charles moved to purchase ten cases of 24 coloring books each at $72 per case and to sell them for $6 each or two for $10. The motion was seconded by Lion Loren and passed.

Lion President Paul passed around several items of correspondence: Coming to Your Senses training, Peace Poster contest, and Thank You letters from Southeastern Guide Dogs, North Central Correctional Facility, and Brittany Sheeler who attended Camp Herko Hollow.

Our next board meeting will be a Lion Dwight Bonham's home on 3 November 2003. Lion Duane moved to adjourn, seconded by Lion Charles, and we adjourned at 8:32 pm.


Secretary Jerry K. Radke

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