Oct 2018 Board of Directors Meeting

Lion Line

Windsor Manor, Wednesday Evening, October 10, 2018 - Loren Heckathorne

The Nevada Lions Club held its regular Board of Directors meeting, Oct 10, 2018, in the Windsor Manor dining room. President Susan Radke called the meeting to order at 8:00 pm and acted as Chairperson, with the following members present:

John Beals Jim Fenn Loren Heckathorne
Bob Hunter Carlene Hunter Charlie Lloyd
Paul Malsom Paul Malsom Jerry Radke
Susan Radke Sandy Richardson

Secretary Heckathorne read the minutes from the September 12 Board meeting, as written by John Beals. Jim Fenn made a motion to approve the Minutes as read, Second by Jerry Radke. Motion passed.

Treasurer John Beals presented the financial report. Jerry Radke made a motion to accept John's report, Second by Charlie Lloyd. There was no vote on this.

Bills of account: Paper sacks for $32.61 and Chamber Dues for $130.00. Sandy Richardson made a motion to pay the bills, Second by Paul Malsom. Motion passed.

For old business, Paul was asked to check on a sound system. We need a wireless microphone. We also need the amplifier and the speakers.

Amanda Hoffman from the middle school wants our assistance to teach tying ties for her class. This is a Dress for Success class. Time is 8:10 to 9:45 in the morning and we need to bring ties to tie. Wednesday, October 17 is a possible date.

The Downtown Halloween event will be on October 10. Also note that we will not have a meeting on Nov 28; it should be crossed out of the schedule.

The Boys and Girls Club sent us an invitation to attend their organizational meeting on Oct 18 at Central Presbyterian Church.

Breakfast with Santa -- Charlene is the leader and Jim is the contact with Parks and Rec.

John reported Kids Sight totals. Sep 26 - 52 at Central Elementary, Sep 27 - 11 at Lil' Cubs, Sep 28 - 14 at Collins/Maxwell, and Oct 5 - 12 at Head Start = 89 children screened.

Charlie Lloyd made the motion to adjourn, Second by Sandy Richardson and we adjourned at 8:20.

Loren Heckathorne, Secretary

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