September 8 Meeting

Lion Line

The Nevada Lions Club met at Indian Creek Country Club on September 8, 2021, with the following persons in attendance:

John Beals Jim Fenn Charlene Jarboe
Loren Heckathorne Bob Hunter Carlene Hunter
Charlie Lloyd Steve Jordening Jerry Radke
Susan Radke

We discussed payment to Indian Creek Country Club. Treasurer should pay the country club and bill the Lions quarterly. Any beverage needs to be paid by member directly to country club. The meals cost $9.63 and we want to give the country club a gratuity. Steve motioned, Jim seconded, to pay country club $11 per meal and bill members $12.

LHD report - John drove, Jerry and Loren threw candy. It was noted that chocolate bars melted, since it was a hot day. Jerry, Charlie, Jim and Kay decorated float, while Kay and Jim tore down float.

Peaches - Jim - Asked who among us Lions needed refunds. We made $2427 + refund of 5 flats. Next year do Facebook for different towns.

Pancakes - Parks & Rec not doing Breakfast with Santa. We could do Dec 11 at Gates. Use kitchen and main room. Gates owned by school and they would probably charge. Or, we could move to high school or grade school cafeteria. Cost of this is unknown. Masons used high school kitchen and lunch room - how much did they pay? I will ask them if I can remember.

John motioned to adjourn, with a second by Steve.

John gave the treasure's report after adjournment. Project $10,811.75; admin $988.62; total $11,800.37.

Next meeting Bob will get a program.

Also, Bob presented an idea about sponsoring a high school bowling team.

Loren Heckathorne, Secretary

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