Volume 3, Issue 2 Club Newsletter September - October 2001

President's Message by Lion Angelo Stefani

Due to the fact that the President of the Nevada Lions Club is in Italy, we will not have a message from him this month. I am sure that when he returns he will have an article for the next newsletter.


Membership Committee Report by Lion Jack Argotsinger

The membership committee, Jim Fenn, Jean Bodensteiner, LaNair Niblock and myself met on the 18th of September. We went through the "phone list", added some names and removed some names. The revised list will be handed out on the 26th of September at our regular meeting. We decided not to have a mailing, as that has not been successful in the past. We will strongly encourage each Lion to reflect on how he or she became a Lion and encourage them to go out and do the same for others. We will also include in the list an incentive. The club will pay the meal of any prospective guest and if he or she joins the Nevada Lions Club the member signing them up will receive 2 months free meals.
Remember: Every Lion in this club is a key player in this effort. Please give serious consideration to our future. Who could refuse membership in a club with such a great bunch of people?



Program Schedule:
October 10 - Jim Fenn
October 26 - Jack Argotsinger
November 14 - DG Tim Wilson and Guest Night
November 28 - Spouse's Night (Tail Twisters in charge)


(September - December 2001)

September 26 - Nevada Lions Club Regular meeting
October 1 - Nevada Lions Club Board Meeting at Lynn Harris's home
October 10 and 24 - Nevada Lions Club Regular meetings
November 5 - Nevada Lions Club Board Meeting
November 14 - District Governor visit & guest night (Prospective members)
November 28 - Spouses and Special guests night (Tail Twisters)
December 3 - Nevada Lions Club Board meeting
December 12 - Regular meeting
December 26 - No meeting


Thank yous!


Margaret Crane for the Good Food


To all those Lions who Volunteered their time and energy at all of our fundraisers!


  **If anyone would like to put articles in the monthly newsletter, please either email or send to Lion Jan Whaley, PO Box 424, Maxwell, IA 50161 or email: or


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