Volume 2, Issue 4 Secretary's Newsletter Summer 2000

Lion Jan Elected DG

Nevada Lion Jan Whaley was elected 9X7 District Governor at the District Convention in Ogden, Iowa on April 15, 2000. Nevada Lions in attendance were delegates Loren Heckathorne, Bob Hobson, LaNair Niblock, and Jerry Radke; District Youth Outreach Chair Everett Carman; new member Jean Bodensteiner; and, of course, VDG Jan Whaley. Lion President Loren Heckathorne nominated Lion Jan on behalf of the Nevada Lions Club and Lion Jerry Radke provided an endorsement

Lion Jan will take office on July 1 and is busy filling out her cabinet. Several Nevada Lions have been asked to serve including Jerry Radke as Cabinet Secretary/Treasurer, Bob Hobson as Convention Chair, Brett Anderson as Membership Chair, Jim Perkins as Public Relations Chair, Everett Carman as Youth Outreach Chair, and Susan Radke as Zone Chair. Lion Jan's goals for the district include increased membership, two new clubs, and a Leo Club.

The main address at the convention was given by International Director Carlos Almodovar of Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. Membership and public relations were emphasized as crucial factors for maintaining and building healthy Lions clubs. ID Almodovar also inducted two new Lions members at the convention, including new Nevada Lion Jean Bodensteiner. Vice District Governor Jan Whaley is Lion Jean's sponsor.

Pancake Day Clears $1055

The Nevada Lions annual Pancake Day on March 17th was a success with a net profit of $1055.74. The Lions served 352 adults and 39 children in addition to those eating at Long Term Care. Lions pre-sold approximately 100 tickets with 87 of them being used for meals. Gross income was $1893 and expenses came to $837.26 for a profit of $1055.74. Twenty-seven Lions worked a total of 252 hours for Pancake Day. Special thanks to Lion Joel Halverson for chairing this event.

Story County Habitat for Humanity was given $500 of the profits from Pancake Day. They are building a new home in Nevada for the Ramirez family. In addition, Nevada Lions have helped with the construction of the home. The Nevada Lions have also committed up to $350 for a medical evaluation for John Lofton, a 5th grade Nevada student with congenital glaucoma.

New Club Officers

Officers for 2000-2001 were elected at the Nevada Lions Club regular meeting on April 12, 2000. Elected were Joel Halverson, President; Angelo Stefani, First Vice-President; Jim Perkins, Second Vice-President; Brett Anderson, Third Vice-President; Jerry Radke, Secretary; Dean Howell, Treasurer; LaNair Niblock, Membership Chair; Bob Hobson and John Wheelock, One-Year Directors; Everett Carman and Duane Stansbury, Two-Year Directors; Charlie Lloyd and Dick Smith, One-Year Tail Twisters; Jean Bodensteiner and Odin Christian, Two-Year Tail Twisters; and Lynn Harris, Lion Tamer. Loren Heckathorne will become the Immediate Past President. Let us give the new officers our full support and encouragement.

Lions Baseball

The Nevada Lions Club is sponsoring a 5th-6th Grade Baseball Team through Parks and Recreation. The team is coached by Kyle Ceplecha and Parke Ray. Team members are Kris Adams, Josh Barber, Cory Berry, Nick Cacke, Derek Ceplecha, Alex Eyanson, Steve Gordon, Will Krock, Jerrod McCormick, Spencer Nady, Brad Oxley, Tony Ridgeway, Justin Walker, Luke Webster, Sean Wheat, and Mitchell Williams. Take in some games if you can.

Date Opponent Location Time --------- --------------- ------------- ---- May 31 Gilbert Blk Gilbert 7:30 June 1 Nevada 1 Kiwanis West 5:30 June 5 Iowa Falls (B) Kiwanis West 7:00 June 6 Nevada 4 Kiwanis West 7:00 June 12 Nevada 3 Kiwanis West 7:00 June 14 Gilbert Red Kiwanis West 7:00 June 15 Collins-Max Kiwanis West 7:00 June 20 Nevada 1 Kiwanis West 7:00 June 22 Iowa Falls (A) Iowa Falls 7:30 June 26 Ogden Ogden 7:30 June 27 Nevada 4 Kiwanis West 5:30 June 29 R-Story Blk Kiwanis West 7:00 July 5 Ogden Harrington E. 5:30 July 10 Nevada 3 Kiwanis West 5:30 July 13 R-Story Red Story City 7:00 July 14 Collins-Max Collins 6:00

Membership 2000 Continues

Nevada Lions Club members can still earn four free regular meeting meals by sponsoring a new Lion before the end of June. So far, two Lions have earned the meals: Jan Whaley for sponsoring Jean Bodensteiner and Jack Argotsinger for sponsoring Paul Malsom.

Four meals are worth $26. This amount will be deducted from your next Lions Club bill if you bring in a new member before our last meeting in June. We presently have 40 members with 33 of them active. A few more members would make our future work projects and fund raisers less work for everyone.

Other Events:

Lion President Loren Heckathorne will present the Dr. Leonard Maliet and McDaniel Lions scholarships at the Nevada High School commencement on May 28th. The scholarship committee met in early May to rank student applications for the scholarships.

Gates Hall will undergo reconstruction starting November 20, 2000. It is expected to take about 8 months to complete the project. We will need to find alternative places for our regular meetings, to store our equipment and supplies, and for our March 2001 Pancake Day.

Lion Dick Smith organized several Lions to serve as parking lot attendants while the ISU students moved out of their dorms the first week in May. This was a extra fund raiser. A report is forthcoming. Other fund raisers and work projects are being considered.

Coming Events:


To new member Paul Malsom. Paul is sponsored by Lion Jack Argotsinger

Lion of the Year

Lion Everett Carman for his dedicated service through thick and through thin.

Thank Yous!

Lion Dick Smith for serving on the scholarship committee, working on the Nevada Habitat for Humanity home, and organizing the latest ISU fund raiser.

Gil at Smitty's Super Valu for catering our meals while Patty at the Brass Rail is taking a break.

Lion Loren Heckathorne for his year as president.

Liberty, Intelligence, Our Nation's Safety!

President: Loren Heckathorne
1st Vice-President: Joel Halverson
2nd Vice-President: Angelo Stefani
3rd Vice-President: Jim Perkins
Secretary: Jerry Radke
Treasurer: Dean Howell
Membership Chair: Jim Fenn
Tailtwisters: Steve Jordening, Duane Stansbury, Charles Lloyd, and Dick Smith
Lion Tamer: Lynn Harris
Directors: Odin Christian, Everett Carman, Bob Hobson, and John Wheelock
Past President: Susan Radke
District Governor: Herman Kopitzke
Vice Dist. Gov.: Jan Whaley
Zone Chair: Susan Radke

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