January 2000 Special Board of Directors Meeting

Lion Line

The Nevada Lions Club held a Special Board Meeting in Gates Hall on 12 January 2000. The meeting was called to order at 8:06 p.m. by President Loren Heckathorne who acted as chairman, with the following board members in attendance:

Everett Carman Odin Christian Jim Fenn
Joel Halverson Lynn Harris Bob Hobson
Dean Howell Steve Jordening Jerry Radke
Susan Radke Dick Smith Duane Stansbury
Jan Whaley John Wheelock

Lion Secretary Jerry reported that Patty Rewerts needs surgery and the Brass Rail will not be able to cater our meals until at least April. Gil at Smitty's Super Valu will cater our meals at $6.10 per member, tax included. He will provide service similar to the Brass Rail. Mom Meals, Ltd. could also cater our meals but at a higher cost or with reduced service. Other caterers are available from Ames. Lion Steve moved that we have Smitty's cater our next two meals at $6.10 per head and that we arrange for a more elaborate meal for our Guest Night on 23 February. Lion Dean provided the second and the motion was approved.

The Membership Committee recommends that we give two months free meals to the Lion bringing in the most new members. Lion Duane moved that we give two months free meals to every Lion bringing in new members between now and 1 July 2000. Lion Susan offered a second and the motion carried.

Lion Lynn moved we adjourn. Lion Joel seconded the motion and we adjourned at 8:15 pm.


Secretary Jerry K. Radke

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