July 1999 Board of Directors Meeting

Lion Line

The Nevada Lions Club held its regular Board Meeting in the Dean Howell home on July 12, 1999. The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by President Loren Heckathorne who acted as chairman, with the following board members in attendance:

Everett Carman Odin Christian James Fenn
Joel Halverson Lynn Harris Bob Hobson
Bill Horine Dean Howell Jerry Radke
Susan Radke Duane Stansbury Angelo Stefani
John Wheelock

The minutes of the 7 June 1999 meeting were read and approved. The treasurer's balance of $2,184.93 was read and approved.

The secretary presented the following bills: (1) City of Nevada for Gates Hall rent from 14 April to 23 June (6 meetings at $24 each) = $144.00. (2) Lions International for dues ($420) and supplies ($30.02) = $450.02. Lion Fenn moved to pay the bills, seconded by Carman, and approved.

Our club will feed sweet corn and bologna to approximately 50 youth at the Lions International Youth Exchange Camp on 22 July. Lion Everett will chair the event. He will get 150 ears of corn, several rings of bologna, bread, and lemonade. Several Lions volunteered to make brownies. Each Lion is requested to bring two dozen cookies to Lion Bob Hobson's home by 16 July to be used at the Youth Camp.

The youth baseball team that our Lions Club sponsors has two outings left, the last being 15 July in Nevada. Members are encouraged to attend. Lion President Loren will check with Peace Poster Contest Chair Jim Perkins to see how things are progressing for that event.

Per Mar Security is looking for people to usher at the ISU football games. There are six games this year. We decided that six Lions would be a good number to send to each game. Lion Susan moved to make this a trial year with 3rd Vice President Jim Perkins in charge of the project. Lion Lynn provided the second and the motion carried. Lion President Loren will send the completed forms to Per Mar Security.

Lion Bill Horine will register his pickup truck for the Lincoln Highway Days parade and advertise the Lions Chicken Bar-B-Que with his PA system. Lion Everett's pickup will be available for the Lions' Float. Lion Dean moved that we send $25 to the Lincoln Highway Days Committee for advertising our Chicken BBQ on 28 August from 11 am to 3 pm. Lion Bob Hobson provided the second and the motion carried. Lion Angelo is chairing the BBQ.

Family night is 14 July with the vice presidents in charge. Lion Jan Whaley had requested that we invite the Youth Exchange Students Eeva Hautamki from Finland and Adriana Dias from Brazil and their host families. Eeva is staying with Lion Jan and Adriana is staying with the Mike Potter family. Lion Dean moved to invite Adriana and the Potters with our club paying for their meals. Seconded by Lion Susan, motion carried. Lion Angelo reported that Phil Larson and an assistant will present a slide show on South America. Bill Horine will introduce Phil. Lion Joel is in charge of the ice cream dessert.

Lion Loren read a membership application for Brett W. Anderson. Lion Everett is his sponsor. Lion Bob moved to accept Brett into the Nevada Lions Club, seconded by Lion Dean, motion carried. Lion Joe Guckert sent a letter to terminate his membership as of 1 July 1999 since he has accepted out-of-town employment. His resignation was accepted with regrets.

The two Lions scholarship winners, Carolyn Halverson and Amy Lekwa, and their families will be invited to our 11 August meeting to received the first halves of their $500 scholarships. They will receive the second halves in January.

Lion Jerry reported on the Clubmate software now being used by many Lions Clubs and sanctioned by Lions International. Our club can obtain the software at $100 off the list price if we order before 31 July. Total cost with shipping is $203.95 and includes a license for every member of the club to use the software. Lion Everett moved to purchase the software out of Administrative Funds, seconded by Lion Bill, motion carried.

Other business discussed was the Clampett's Tour (a PA Lions group touring the US to raise money for KidSight projects) and discount tickets for a Barnstormers Arena Football Game on 31 July. Lion Jerry was requested to send a supportive e-mail (but no money) to the Clampett's Tour. Lion President Loren will announce the Barnstormers tickets at Wednesday's Family Night.

Lion Duane moved that we adjourn with a second by Lion Joel. The meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm. Our next meeting will be 7 pm, 2 August 1999 at Everett Carman's home.


Secretary Jerry K. Radke

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