Volume 1, Issue 9 Lions Newsletter April 1999


LIONS Bob Hobson, Everett Carman, Loren Heckathorne, Jan Whaley, Jerry and Susan Radke proudly represented the Nevada Lions at the District Convention. Dixie Johnson of Stratford entertained while the Lions devoured some great tasting pizza Friday evening.
Saturday morning we learned of a new project, "Coming To Your Senses", which will screen children between the ages of 6 months and four years for vision and hearing problems. A pediatric opthamologist and Ruth Severson, Patient Coordinator from the Iowa Lions Hearing Center at the University of Iowa Hospitals noted early screening is essential to correct problems that can lead to serious visual and communication deficits as the children grow older.
The screening or lack of it seriously affects three children out of one hundred. If your child, grandchild, or neighbor had a problem that could be corrected, would you care? I know, as Lions, of course, WE CARE!!
Read your April Iowa Lion, plan to attend the State Convention, and vote to pass this extremely valuable program which will benefit hundreds of children in Iowa. We'll send our Contributiion Form by July to Lion Darrell Johnson. District 9 X 7 is asked to contribute $9,000, which will be matched by LCIF. We'll be discussing our contribution at our May Board Meeting at the Radke home, May 3. Also, we'll discuss financial assistance for those Lions who wish to attend the State and International Conventions. Joins us at 7:30 p.m. for discussion and some of Lion Jerry's home-made apple pie! We'd like to have as many Lions at this meeting as possible so consider yourself officially invited!

Congratulations to our new 1999-2000
Vice District Governor and recipient of
the International President's Award
Jan Whaley

She's on the right track!


  • April 24-25 and May 1-2: Adventureland Substance Free Weekends
  • May 21, 22, 23 State Convention: Davenport - deadlines: to reserve room: April 20th, to register: May 1
  • June 23: Installation of new officers
  • June 28-July2: Int'l Convention, SanDiego, CA
  • July 4: Nevada Parade
  • July 14: Lions Family & Guest Night
  • August 28: Lions Night w/Iowa Cubs


    During a morning motivational speech at the District Convention, PDG Dave Stoufer warned all Clubs to watch out for lack of vision, lack of change, lack of energy, and lack of purpose to avoid a "mummified" club.

    He encouraged us all to:

    Great occasions for serving God come seldom,
    but little ones surround us daily.

    Excerpt from letter to the Nevada Lions in reference to recent donation which helped pay for Sandi's glasses:

    "...Thanks to these glasses, I have almost finished reading my Stephen King novel, my first book in 3 years, due to glasses which magnify the print extremely large.
    So from the bottom of my heart, as tears stream down my face as I type this, I "Thank You" so very, very much. You all have a very kind and giving heart. Some people believe in Angels. I do. I found all of you.
    God Bless All Of You!
    Your "blind" sighted thankful friend"

    Special Appreciation to Lion Jerry Radke for his work and dedication to an outstanding web page!

    Thanks yous!
    Good food from Brass Rail Catering

    1999-2000 Nevada Club Officers:

    President: Loren Heckathorne
    1st Vice President: Joel Halverson
    2nd Vice President: Bill Horine
    3rd Vice President: Angelo Stefani
    Secretary: Jerry Radke
    Treasurer: Dean Howell
    Membership Director: Jim Fenn
    One-Year Directors: Odin Christian and Everett Carman
    Two-Year Directors: Bob Hobson and John Wheelock
    One-Year Tail Twisters: Steve Jordening and Duane Stansbury
    Two-Year Tail Twisters: Charles Lloyd and Dick Smith
    Lion Tamer: Lynn Harris
    Immediate Past President: Susan Radke

    9 X 7 Zone Chair: Susan Radke
    Vice District Governor: Jan Whaley
    District Governor: Herman Kopitzke


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