October 1999 Board of Directors Meeting

Lion Line

The Nevada Lions Club held its regular Board Meeting in the Radke home on 4 October 1999. The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by President Loren Heckathorne who acted as chairman, with the following board members in attendance:

Everett Carman Odin Christian Jim Fenn
Lynn Harris Dean Howell Charlie Lloyd
Jim Perkins Jerry Radke Susan Radke
Dick Smith Angelo Stefani Jan Whaley
John Wheelock

Guest Harold Hulleman of the Story County Outdoor Recreation for Everyone (SCORE) campaign was given the floor to announce the Capital Campaign Celebration Kick-Off on Thursday, October 14, 1999 at Gates Hall. The Story County Pork Producers will be serving food and beverages from 6 to 8 pm at a nominal fee. The Community Band will play from 6 to 7 pm followed by a program featuring a special guest and free drawings. Harold invited everyone to attend.

The minutes of the 30 August 1999 meeting were read and approved. The treasurer's balance of $3,807.32 was read and approved.

The secretary presented the following bills: (1) Lions Clubs International for Peace Poster Kit ($11.88) less Dues Refund ($10.50) = $1.38. (2) Jerry Radke for Postage Stamps = $33. (3) Susan Radke for Engraved Flexiplate = $5.04. (4) Central Iowa Printing for 500 Chicken BBQ Tickets = $11.94. (5) Fareway for Chicken BBQ Supplies = $104.23. (6) Smitty's Super Valu for Chicken BBQ Supplies = $444.53. Lion Susan moved to pay the bills, seconded by Lion Jim Perkins. Motion approved.

Lion Jerry asked if he should order Lions desk calendars as we have in the past. Magnetic calendars are also available at a higher cost. It was the unanimous decision of the board to order the magnetic calendars and charge each member $1 for them. Dean moved that we cancel the second meetings in November and December since the 4th Wednesday falls the night before Thanksgiving and we traditionally forgo the meeting before Christmas and donate the meal funds to the Lions Clubs International Foundation. Lion Everett provided the second and the motion carried.

Meal costs exceeded meal receipts by $84.67 during the last quarter. We have been paying $6.36 per meal while collecting $6 per member. Lions International has increased dues $3 per year starting 1 July 1999 and will increase dues another $3 next July 1. State, district, and local dues also increased. Lion Angelo moved to increase member dues to $25 per half-year starting 1 January 2000 and to increase meal charges to $6.50 per meeting starting 1 October 1999. Lion Jim Perkins seconded the motion which carried after discussion.

Our annual chicken BBQ was discussed. We probably need to expand the grill area next year so we can have more chickens ready to serve in a timely manner. Lion Jim Perkins reported that he has a meeting scheduled with the two art instructors to discuss the Peace Poster Contest. Lion Jim also stated that we need more members to help at the ISU football games. Each able member needs to work at least two games. A larger membership would make things easier. Membership Chair Jim Fenn said we all need to invite prospective members to our 13 October Guest Night. His Membership Committee will meet to plan a more organized effort for our January Guest Night.

Lion Everett reported that the Boy Scouts are looking for a trailer to use on their outings. The trailer we used for our fish sales is no longer needed. He asked if we should sell or give the trailer to the Boy Scouts. Lion Charlie moved to donate the trailer to the Scouts. Lion Dean provided the second and the motion carried after discussion.

Lion President Loren reported on several items from the Zone Meeting held on 30 September in Ames. A special fund raiser by each club is suggested to obtain funds for new Lions programs. The Nevada Lions Club will host the April Zone Meeting.

Lion Secretary Jerry reported that Lion Jim Dalthorp has not attended any meetings nor has he paid his dues since being transferred to our club on 1 June 1999. Attempted contacts by several members have not been sucessful and no response was received to a letter sent 15 September 1999. Lion Susan moved to drop Jim Dalthorp from our membership for non-attendance and non-payment of dues. Lion Charlie provided a second and the motion carried.

Our next board meeting will be Monday, 1 November 1999, at 7 pm in the Lynn Harris home. Lion Odin moved we adjourn, seconded by Lion Charlie, and we adjourned at 9:00 pm.


Secretary Jerry K. Radke

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