Nevada Lions Club

2009-2010 Program Schedule

July 4 Independence Day Parade John Wheelock, Jim Fenn, Lion Paul Malsom
July 6 Board Meeting Bob Hunter
July 8 Dinner Meeting (none)
July 13 International Youth Camp Nevada Lions Serve - 4-H Camp
July 22 Family Night/Awards Night Vice Presidents
August 3 Board Meeting Charlene Jarboe
August 12 Dinner Meeting (none)
August 26 Dinner Meeting Erin Kennedy
August 29 Lincoln Highway Days Parade John Wheelock, Jim Fenn, and Paul Malsom
September 3 ISU/North Dakota State FB Game Crew, Willy Morfitt
September 8 Board Meeting Tom Haller
September 9 Dinner Meeting Janice Schmidt
September 12 ISU/Iowa FB Game Crew, Willy Morfitt
September 23 Dinner Meeting PDG Susan Radke
September 26 ISU/Army (Family Weekend) Crew, Willy Morfitt
September 27 PUPPY FEST, NCCF, Rockwell City ALL LIONS WELCOME!
October 5 Board Meeting Dick Couser
October 14 Dinner Meeting Bob Hunter
October 17 ISU/Baylor (Homecoming) Crew, Willy Morfitt
October 28 Dinner Meeting Willy Morfitt
October 29 Sight Night VPs
November 2 Board Meeting John Wheelock
November 7 ISU/Oklahoma State Crew, Willy Morfitt
November 11 Dinner Meeting LaNair Niblock
November 13-14 9MC District Convention Pleasant Hill
November 14 ISU/Colorado FB Game Crew
November 25 No Meeting, Thanksgiving Week
December 7 Board Meeting Charlene Jarboe
December 16 Christmas Party Tail Twisters
December 23 No meeting, Christmas Week
January 4 Board Meeting Janice Schmidt
January 7-10 Midwinter Conference Des Moines
January 13 Dinner Meeting DG Jerry Roland OV
January 27 Dinner Meeting Marilyn Argotsinger
February 1 Board Meeting Bob Hunter
February 10 Dinner Meeting Dick Couser
February 24 Dinner Meeting Charlie Lloyd
March 1 Board Meeting Jim Fenn
March 10 Dinner Meeting Jerry Radke
March 24 Dinner Meeting Kidsight DVD
March 28 Pancake Day Vice Presidents
April 5 Board Meeting Dick Smith
April 14 Dinner Meeting John Beals
April 28 Dinner Meeting Jim Fenn
May 3 Board Meeting To be announced
May 12 Dinner Meeting Jack Argotsinger
May 26 Dinner Meeting Paul Malsom
June 3-6 STATE CONVENTION Des Moines, IA
June 7 Board Meeting To be announced
June 9 Dinner Meeting To be announced
June 23 Dinner Meeting To be announced
June 28-July 2 93rd International Convention Sydney, Australia
July 4 Parade Wheelock, Fenn, Malsom

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