Nevada Lions Club

2010-2011 Program Schedule

July 3 Independence Day Parade John Wheelock, Jim Fenn, Lion Paul Malsom
July 5 Board Meeting Paul Malsom
July 12 International Youth Camp Nevada Lions Serve - 4-H Camp
July 14 Dinner Meeting John Wheelock
July 28 Family Night/Awards Night Vice Presidents
August 2 Board Meeting Jerry Radke
August 11 Dinner Meeting Jerry Radke, Membership
August 25 Dinner Meeting Charles Lloyd
August 28 Lincoln Highway Days Parade John Wheelock, Jim Fenn, and Paul Malsom
September 2 ISU/Northern Illinois FB Game Crew, Willy Morfitt
September 7 Board Meeting Steve Jordening
September 8 DG Official Visit DG Boyd Sparks
September 19 Healthy Children Conference Lions of Iowa, Blank Children's Hospital
September 22 Dinner Meeting Paul Malsom
September 25 ISU/Northern Iowa FB Crew, Willy Morfitt
October 2 ISU/Texas Tech FB Crew, Willy Morfitt
October 4 Board Meeting Charlie Lloyd
October 9 ISU/Utah Football Crew, Willy Morfitt
October 13 Dinner Meeting Charlene Jarboe
October 27 Dinner Meeting Steve Jordening
October 29 Sight Night VPs
October 30 ISU/Kansas FB (Homecoming) Crew, Willy Morfitt
November 1 Board Meeting Charlene Jarboe
November 6 ISU/Nebraska FB Crew, Willy Morfitt
November 10 Dinner Meeting Jim Fenn
November 20 ISU/Missouri FB Game Crew
November 24 No Meeting, Thanksgiving Week
December 6 Board Meeting Bob Hunter
December 8 Christmas Party Tail Twisters
December 22 No meeting, Christmas Week
January 10 Dinner Meeting Richard Smith
January 10 Board Meeting Gates Hall
January 14-16 Midwinter Conference Cedar Rapids
January 24 Prospective Member Night Jerry Radke
February 14 Valentines Special Guest Night Directors
February 14 Board Meeting Gates Hall
February 28 Dinner Meeting John Beals
March 14 Dinner Meeting Bob Hunter
March 14 Board Meeting Gates Hall
March 18-19 9MC District Convention Montezuma, IA
March 28 Dinner Meeting Paul Malsom
April 3 Pancake Day Vice Presidents
April 11 Dinner Meeting Willy Morfitt
April 11 Board Meeting Gates Hall
April 25 Dinner Meeting LaNair Niblock
May 9 Dinner Meeting Dick Couser
May 9 Board Meeting Gates Hall
May 23 Dinner Meeting Susan Radke
June 3-5 STATE CONVENTION Waterloo, IA
June 13 Dinner Meeting ?
June 13 Board Meeting Gates Hall
June 27 Dinner Meeting Don Williams
July 4 Parade Wheelock, Fenn, Malsom
July 4-8 94th International Convention Seattle, WA USA

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